Friday, January 13, 2012

Do I still get to be a girl?

When I was very small, I was very girly. I loved to wear dresses, and would often throw ginormous tantrums whenever my mother made me wear pants. My absolute favorite dress in the entire world was made of white cotton eyelet, with little blue and green roses embroidered along the hem. There was a royal blue sash that tied in the back.

I was an extremely "girly" little girl, which most of you probably find amusing now, since I do work that some men I know won't even attempt, like run a Bobcat. Yet, despite all of my forays into the joys of girlhood, I never learned how to do some stereotypically girl things.

  1. I don't know how to sew. I would love to be able to make my own dresses and curtains, and bags, etc., but other than a simple basting stitch or a straight line on a sewing machine, I am clueless. I can't even cut out a pattern.
  2. I don't wear a lot of makeup or fuss with my hair for more than ten minutes. I don't know how to apply eye makeup without making myself look like a racoon.
  3. I couldn't tell you the difference between a Brazilian wax and Tahitian Vanilla.
  4. I didn't know how to fold a cootie catcher.
It is this last thing that drives me to post today. This week, my oldest son brought home an unfolded cootie catcher from school and wanted to my help folding it. He said: "Mom, you're a girl, and girls can do these."
I had failed my son in my quest to be feminine and respectable at the same time. (At least in his eyes)

So I did what any self respecting parent who is a teacher would do. I took it to school, pulled aside a few good girls, and asked, like an addict asking for drugs, for this protected girl secret.

They were more than happy to help their teacher learn something, and will probably forever remember when their teacher had to be taught something they already knew.

I've made about twenty of them now- I guess I can certifiably call myself a girl again-at least for awhile.

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